About Us

We Customize Equipment That Will Meet Your Needs

How can create the perfect machine for you?

We have spent the last 35 years learning how to serve, support, and customize equipment that will meet our clients needs. With our step by step process, you will experience a team who understands how to connect your equipment ideas with practical equipment solutions. Let us help you today!
Hot Water Pressure Washers
Water Filtration Systems

Do You Have a Problem with Your Equipment or Cleaning Process?

How can we solve your equipment problems?

  1. We fix hot and cold water pressure washers.
  2. We fix water filtration systems.
  3. We will help you pinpoint the systemic problems in your cleaning process or equipment.


We adhere to the stringent requirements of the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Standards. This ensures a pressure washer that is consistently a high-quality product. From the way we handle paperwork, to how we design our pressure washers, to the 47 point final inspection of each pressure washer, every aspect of our manufactures process is focused on providing our customers with high quality, good looking and durable pressure washer.


We have persistence for self-improvement and the pride of a job done well gives life purpose and meaning. Embrace smart technology for high efficiencies.


We imagine possibilities and create value in design. Seek knowledge in understanding the competencies to produce only product considered the best in the world.

History of Haynes Sales

Our founder, Lester Haynes, graduated from Cal Lutheran in 1977 with a degree in criminal justice. After graduation Lester worked in a juvenile detention center full time. Needing to supplement his income, Lester began part time work selling automotive parts. After months of being the top salesmen selling parts he had an opportunity with Victory Industrial to become their sales manager. He left his criminal justice world and took on this new career. Unfortunately after only 3 months, the company closed down. Lester enjoyed sales and, with financial help from his father, he opened up his own business selling hoses and chemicals out of his Dodge van in 1979. In 1981, Lester moved to Simi Valley and began selling Karcher products. He remembers the struggle he had selling against Landa and recalls the visit from Hydro Tek president, John Koen, who brought a trailer unit with an SC30005 on it and thought this was going to be the answer. Lester was very impressed with the design and the stainless steel look. That was in 1987 and Lester has been selling Hydro Tek ever since. Now, Haynes Sales, after, 35 years of business is still committed to making their customers happy. They treats their customers like family knowing their birthdays, anniversaries, and kids names and Lester always says, “Once you buy from us you have an extended family member”.

Vision Statement

Haynes Sales is a business where every-client will find the highest quality equipment, caring staff, at a competitive price every-time.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to serve people who are looking for excellent cleaning equipment and service to meet their everyday business demands.