Water Filtration Systems

Portable Recycle Systems for Truck or Trailer Mount

A portable recycle systems powered by Hydro Tek SC Series the AZV55 and AZV88 portable recycle system is protecting the environment from wash water runoff and complying with governmental storm drain regulations is simple, economical and effective with the AZV Series. The AZV vacuum and filtration system provides 6 stages of filtration up to 8gpm continuous five micron processing of wastewater where soaps and other chemicals are not used. Wastewater is recovered through a vacuum scupper, up to 12gpm, to eliminate run-off. Recycled water is pumped back to your bulk water tank for reuse to power wash concrete or other flatwork.

Portable Recycle Systems for Truck or Trailer Mount
Biological Recycle Sytems

Biological Recycle Systems – BIO-25Series

The popular Mi-T-M BIO Series System utilizes fixed-film bacteria in conjunction with coalescing media to treat waste water. A variety of tank sizes and flow rates are used to create retention time to treat the wastewater. Oxygen is added to the bacteria in the waste stream by venturi injection system.