Hot Water Pressure Washers

HD Series: Compact, Portable, Electric Powered, Diesel Heated

When you have a sticky, greasy, or oily mess to clean up, you need the power of hot water. Some of our hot water pressure washers can produce hot water or steam at up to 250 degrees, enabling you to melt away greasy residue without detergents and chemical cleaners. No chemicals means fewer environmental disposal and recycling issues.

Hydro Tek hot water pressure washers deliver exceptional performance and durability in any application thanks to stainless steel construction and Spiralast™ heating coils. Our Spiralast™ coils are the only heating coils in the industry protected by a lifetime warranty.

HD Series
Portable Commercial Pressure Washer Trailers

ProTowWash® Portable Commercial Pressure Washer Trailers

Hydro Tek trailers and tank skids allow you to take your equipment mobile and get your cleaning done even when there is no on-site water supply. Both the trailers and the tank skids have been specifically designed for our pressure washers and feature durable construction and a rugged steel frame. No matter which option you choose for your mobile pressure washer system, the water tank will come fully plumbed and ready to go.

HS Series Gasoline Belt Drive – HS-4004-1MAH

The rugged skid frame of the HS Series makes it a popular option for mounting on a water trailer so you can take this cleaning powerhouse on the road. Blast away grease, oil and grime literally anywhere.

HS Series Gasoline Belt Drive
HG Series Natural Gas/LP Belt Drive

HG Series Natural Gas/LP Belt Drive – HG-3004-3230

The stationary HG Series is available in either natural gas or propane making it an ideal choice for applications that need a steady fuel source. Offering maximum cleaning power, this hot water machine is perfect for wash bays.